Facility Decommissioning and Demolition

We have successfully assisted with the asset retirement, decommissioning, and demolition of over one billion square feet of industrial and commercial property. These projects include energy generating stations, automotive plants, machining plants, and petrochemical manufacturing facilities.

Our experience with a wide variety of facilities enables us to provide cost-effective solutions for the asset management and disposition of these difficult sites. These services include development of management plans for reuse, sale, cold closure, and partial or complete demolition.

Building Decommissioning Assessment

Regulatory requirements are evaluated using a standard process for facility assessment: the building decommissioning assessment (BDA). The BDA uses the following approach:

  1. Initial site investigation: identifying important background information based upon historical file reviews, interviews, and preliminary site inspections detailing current conditions and potential areas of environmental concern
  2. Site-specific project criteria evaluation: identifying regulatory criteria to be applied to the assessment (e.g., RCRA compliance, TSCA compliance), assessing health and safety concerns, and developing a site-specific sampling/analysis plan
  3. Follow-up assessment: implementing the sampling plan and conducting follow-up quantification and delineation of all areas of concern
  4. Building decommissioning report: identifying and reporting the environmental status of building materials (e.g., asbestos and lead paint), utilities, and former production areas, equipment, and wastes, including all physical or environmental hazards requiring decommissioning activity prior to retirement

The BDA is useful in developing a cost analysis of existing conditions. The report includes information on asset inventory and salvage material, potential market value, and other applicable data enabling our clients to make cost-effective decisions regarding facility disposition.

Project-Related Services

We also offer the following project-related services:

  • Project planning: preparing alternative retirement plans and cost scenarios to facilitate decisions
  • Asset management and salvage value assessment
  • Specifications and bid documents: developing site-specific technical specifications for building decommissioning, preparing bid and contract documents, and assisting with contractor procurement
  • Decommissioning implementation: professional oversight and documentation of all decommissioning, demolition, and waste disposal activities

Our facility decommissioning team consists of experienced professionals, including engineers, Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMMs), and field technicians.